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AuditiveCoaching©. Coaching with Music, Sound and Song. Introduction to a New Method with Ancient Roots.

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Martina M. Schuster works as a coach, consultant/counsellor, author, singer, music therapist and entrepreneur.  To introduce the resources of music, sound and song to the methods used in classical coaching on the one hand and to inspire people on the other – to reactivate these important resources instead of simply consuming them – are central aspects of her work. About ten years ago she started to explore the effects of music, sound and voice in coaching and subsequently incorporated them in her coaching sessions. Thus AuditiveCoaching© was born which now also offers training in the field. Mrs Schuster studied business economics and management as well as psychology and for more than twelve years sat on the executive board of an innovative, internationally active company before focussing on psychosocial health and wellbeing.

Martina M. Schuster

Bringing music, singing and sound together with the numerous methods of coaching and creating new spaces for the process has become one of my most important tasks.

Music is in us

Music, sounds as well as singing are evolutionarily deeply anchored in us - and in all people in this world equally. When we listen to music that we like, when we sing or when we create sounds, we enter spaces of communication with ourselves and also with the environment that could not be deeper. If we combine this with the possibilities of modern coaching, indescribable efficient and effective solution spaces open up for us, which we had not yet anticipated.

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AuditiveCoaching©. Coaching with Music, Sound and Song
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AuditiveCoaching© - Coaching with Music, Sound and Song. Audio Book

Listen to the audio book 'AuditiveCoaching©' and experience the almost inexhaustible resources of music, sounds and singing. All of them together form a new method of coaching. This new wonderful method works where words cannot reach.




"As music, with all its facets, is the language deeply rooted in the souls of all people the world over, it presents efficient and effective means to accompany us with melodies, sounds and songs so that we can once more revert to our desired actions, thoughts and feelings, filled with hope and focussing on resources and solutions. From very early childhood, music has played an important role in my life. In 2010, I deliberately decided to integrate it in my coaching sessions after having dared to conduct an experiment with roughly 150 participants during an international training course in Bologna. My theory was that people can generate feelings through music, sounds and tones without a relevant experience immediately preceding this. I sang Handel’s ‘Lascia ch'io pianga’ and my colleagues felt the profound sadness inherent in the aria. Right after this, I invited the assembled audience to join me in the song ‘Let It Be’ to lighten the mournful mood. Not just the sensation of being connected through sound, but also, and particularly, to emotionally sense the effect of the vocals was overwhelming for everybody. Most of the participants had long forgotten that they could express themselves not only verbally but also musically. The subsequent discussion revealed some wonderful insights and I am still immensely grateful for the experience. This made it clear to me that I would push ahead with music, sounds and songs and five years later I decided to pass this method on to other coaches as well. AuditiveCoaching© incorporates the inexhaustible possibilities music offers in contemporary coaching. Significant here is the vast scope presented by music- and sound-therapy, vocals, cognitive psychology, positive psychology and many other disciplines. It can be employed in almost all areas concerning private as well as occupational issues. The aim of this book is to provide the reader with an insight into the effects of the various possibilities of integrating music, vocals and sounds into coaching. It is intended for anyone generally interested, but also for those considering a coaching career utilising musical resources. Also very welcome are already practising coaches who would like to introduce more creativity and vitality to their sessions. 

At this point it also needs to be noted that nonmusicians or amateur musicians find AuditiveCoaching© easier than professionals because its objective is not perfection but playful naturalness and emotional expression without performing. Subsequently, many of my clients have to return right back to their roots. I hope you discover new insights and wish you much enjoyment when hearing. "


Martina M. Schuster


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